At the start of this week, I saw a man with asteroid hyalosis.  It has gotten so bad, it’s starting to affect his vision: there were no sparkly little calcium particles that twinkle as you look through the vitreous – these were giant, yellow lumps.

This got me thinking about how pathology progresses.  We are truly in an amazing position – we can look back at fundus photos and see things change and develop.  Not that long ago, we’d have to make do with a short note or a hand drawn.

The patient in question had been told to see his GP every year (since 2010) to get his blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol checked and he’s dodged it every time.  I explained that the asteroid hyalosis would continue getting worse (his VA was 6/6, previously 6/5 but he had to move his eye around to see!) and that seemed to kick him into gear.  I referred him to his GP so, fingers crossed, he actually goes this time.