Last week I tested an elderly lady who had previously had right phako and wanted me to refer her for the same procedure in the other eye.  Vision in the left eye was poor.  On dilation, I saw that she had nuclear, cortical and Christmas tree cataracts, all the in same eye!

Since I didn’t manage to take a photo of the last one (which was way back in October 2014 – scary how time flies), I was determined to get a picture of this one.  It’s not the best photo but you can see the tinsel-like flecks (in a triangular shape) and also the lens brunescence:

Christmas tree cat.png

I also thought I’d take a photo of my test room, which is ridiculously spacious (off camera, there is also a sink, a desk, contact lens fitting banks and another chair):

2016-03-02 12.25.31