So, my left eye got a little worse over the course of yesterday and, when I woke up this morning, it was very sticky.  If you suspected bacterial conjunctivis then well done, you’re right.  You know, I’ve only ever had allergic conjunctivitis before so this is actually an interesting experience.

Looking back, the bad luck started on Saturday after sitting as a patient for gonioscopy.  At the end, my left eye was sore and watering and the other optoms confirmed I had scratches, SPK and oedema in that eye.  I was given preservative free Celluvisc which I put in my pocket and promptly forgot*.

I had my lenses out for all of Sunday before popping them back in on Monday.  Maybe gonioscopy introduced some exotic flora into my left eye or perhaps, the tearing exacerbated my dry eye, leaving my eye more exposed to its own staphylococcal bacteria.  Whatever the cause, I’ve decided to take a photo or two each day until it’s cleared up.

So, these are photos of my eyes on Day 2 of bacterial conjunctivitis:



Symptoms are currently: mild epiphora, stinging (to be fair, this is what my eyes are like without my contact lenses in), occasional sticky discharge and the feeling that my left eyelid has taken over my face.  It’s the swelling I’m finding most annoying.  Vision is a bit “smeary” in that eye.

I’ve gotten hold of some chloramphenicol 1% ointment and I’m going to use it BDS for the next 5 days.  Unfortunately, as I thought this was a contact allergy (the stinging and presentation after my shower yesterday lead me in this direction), I wasn’t as careful about hygiene so now my husband is complaining that his left eye feels funny (pics of his eyes may appear alongside mine, oops).  Don’t share towels when you have a sore eye is the motto.

Also, I didn’t realise how difficult it was to squeeze the chloramphenicol ointment out of the tube.  I mean, I’ve had patients complain to me about it but, now I’ve had first hand experience, I wish I’d just gone for the 0.5% drops.

* I was also given a name badge on Saturday morning which I managed to lose between signing in and sitting down in the lecture theatre, approximately five minutes later.