I’ve gone CET mad recently.  It was the start of October before I realised that I would have to do some CET before the end of the year, in order to keep the GOC happy.  Exactly how much CET wasn’t particularly clear but, luckily, one of my colleagues knew.  Apparently, it’s one point per full month qualified for NQs.  So, since I got my OSCE results in July, that would mean I’d need 5 pts by the end of the year.

Just before starting my new job, I’d booked myself on the NHS Education Scotland (NES) CET day which took place at the end of October.  This was an amazing day of workshops, lectures and peer reviews.  The peer review started at 7.45am but, as it was the day the clocks went back, I had been up and about for a couple of hours so I was fully awake by this time.  This was my first peer review and I was in a lovely group of experienced optoms.  As is always the case with these things, the amount of time didn’t match the amount of information and we were rushing towards the end.  I presented a macular case and it started a bit of debate about OCTs, which were declared “a must” by all the optoms from independents.  Maybe if I ask Santa nicely, he’ll bring me one.

The lectures were very interesting, although I preferred the more interactive elements.

I went to a neuro-ophthalmology workshop and, again, ended up in a wonderful group of optoms who really knew their stuff.  As a group, we raced through the 4 exercises, only getting 4 answers out of 60 wrong.  We were rewarded with a little book on neuro-ophthalmology and a pen drive with some neuro papers on it.

Since that event, I’ve been doing the CET modules on the Optometry Today website, as well as those in Optician.  NES also has on-line CET but these are few and far between.  You don’t need to be an AOP member or an Optician subscriber to do the CET events and they are very straightforward (read the article then answer 6 multiple-guess questions).

Here’s the links, if you want to have a go:

Optometry Today CET: http://www.optometry.co.uk/cet/exams

Optician CET: http://www.opticianonline.net/continuing-education/

The interactive CET involves discussing a question with a colleague so it’s also very straightforward.  You can also search the GOC website for CET events in your area (again, if you are in Scotland, use the NES portal).

I’m off to a “Lacrimal Syringing and Punctal Plugging” workshop tomorrow evening.  I’m really looking forward to it.