I’m in Glasgow Caledonian Uni just now, waiting for my second run at the mock OSCEs. Given the feedback on the ones I sat last month, I’ll be concentrating on the clinical tasks and focimetry. I’ll also be taking time to look around when I walk in the room. I will see all the equipment I missed last time, when I was blinkered by nerves, and I will turn the page over.

I was slotted in at the last minute for these mocks, which is great since I had to turn down my place on the j&j ones (I couldn’t get the time off work to travel down). And, to be honest, I really don’t want to go anywhere just now – I’m exhausted.

A few weeks ago, I learned that my company is cutting down on the number of NQs in our area so I won’t have a job after mid-July. As you can imagine, I’ve been job hunting since I got the news and I’ve attended a couple of interviews. The main problem is that the places I’ve been interviewing for ideally want a qualified optom and I’m six weeks away from being qualified (touch wood).

Both places I interviewed were really nice. Both independents – one mainly focused on dispensing specs with very little contact lens work (I fell in love with the on site glazing but the contact lens part tempered my enthusiasm a little) and the other at the optician I used to go to as a child. I had an interview this morning for the latter and I made the mistake of telling my interviewer that it was my dream job. When I came into optometry, it was because of my experiences at that store. Also, they have THREE OCTs, anterior eye cameras and… Well, you know what I’m like with technology. I have joy of gadgets.

I was really excited to be going for the interview but, again, they are looking for someone fully qualified and I don’t know if they’ll take a chance on a pre-reg, even if I am their biggest fan.

Anyway, I’m about to head down to the eye clinic to start the mock OSCEs. I’ll update you on them later on.

Wish me luck!