So, the three year old who was R+6.00DS and L+7.00DS came in to pick up his new glasses.  His mum saw them and immediately tried them on (she had a very small head, btw).

“Oh my God, I can’t believe he needs glasses this strong!” she said, and then started fussing about the thickness of the lenses.  I’d seen the specs when they came in and thought that, for the Rx, they looked really good.  The ultratough lenses have an index of 1.59 or thereabouts so this helped with the thickness, as did the canny choice of frame by our super-DO.

Anyway, the wee boy tried the specs on (with me hovering in the background to see how he was getting on) and the look on his face was priceless.  Suddenly, he had gone from being a three foot blur of energy to looking around quietly.  Suddenly, the world was clear to him.  He pointed to me, “Your face looks different” and then he started pointing to signs around the shop.  “I can see that! And that! And that!”

Our DO fitted his specs, trimming down the sides and making sure the bridge was as comfy as possible.  When his mum lead him away, he was still excitedly pointing out random things.  His gran had come along too and she pulled me aside as her grandson was walking away and asked why he needed such a high Rx.  “We don’t know how this happened,” she said, “No-one in the family has this.  Where did it come from?”

From the look on her face, you would think her grandson was seriously ill.  I explained that his eyes were nice and healthy and about long sightedness meaning that his eyes weren’t as powerful as they needed to be and that this would, hopefully, change over time.  She looked unconvinced.