So, it’s over and I’m in the airport waiting for my flight home.

Today was a bit of a disaster for me. I woke up late, missed breakfast and missed my first workshop, which was on technology (it was one I was really looking forward to). I went to the next one I had been booked into which was about contact lens complications. Unfortunately, the whole session was in Dutch. Upon discovering this, I quietly headed out the door (after apologising profusely to the ladies running the workshop).

I randomly asked a Danish optom about scleral lenses and how to fit them. He said he would fit a scleral rather than an RGP in most cases since it gives better comfort. Having been an RGP guinea pig for the last couple of years, I am actually thinking about investigating sclerals. When I get home, I’ll try to get more info on where to get a fitting set and maybe post a link. The Danish optom said that you adjust the central fit like an RGP, then look at peripheral fit.

It would be nice to able to fit all types of lenses!

The last lecture series of the day was about contact lens care systems. The first part went through the parts of a MPS (disinfectant, surfactant, wetting agent and there may be others but I’m tired and my brain isn’t working), SICS (some interesting theories on this), rub and rinse and other issues associated with care regimes.

I was surprised to hear one of the speakers mention that his CL practice is 65% daily wearers and he’s hoping to increase this to 85%. This has gotten me thinking about our own contact lens patients. I might see if I can find out what % of daily wearers we have.

So, it’s been a tiring few days (and I’m back to work bright and early tomorrow morning). I feel energised, though, and I have quite a few questions buzzing around in my mind. All in all, a great conference which has made me want to be a better contact lens practitioner.

PS. If anyone has a spare OCT, could you send it to me? I’ve spent the last two days hearing about the seemingly endless uses for OCT and it’s a bit depressing that I haven’t gotten to play with one.